FEAR Setting. Flip the script on how to reach your goals.

“We suffer more often in imagination than in reality.” – Seneca

Tim Ferriss talks to us about the ancient philosophy of stoicism, and how you can use it as a comprehensive system to train yourself to focus on what you can control vs. what you can’t, which is big shift in mindset.

In this intriguing how-to TED Talk, Tim walks us through this method originally developed by the ancient stoics of Greece. A fascinating spin on how to realise your goals and potential. Science has proven that willingly facing your fears is far more beneficial than having them thrust upon you, so have the bottle and reach for the pen, and draw up your fears.

What might my life look like if I don’t do this?

A jolting question to ask yourself, I know, believe me. Tim can trace all of his biggest triumphs by this method. It’s no magic pill but it sure is a good way to face your problems, face to face.

Easy choices, hard life. Hard choices, easy life.

Jerzy Gregorek

What we most fear asking, doing, saying, is very often what we must do. Ask yourself this question; where in your life right now, might defining your fears, be more important than defining your goals?

Tim is the Indiana Jones of the digital age and I urge you to look deeper into his work, his podcast has had over 100 million downloads, a monster number. And his books are incredibly insightful and written in laymen terms; Tool of Titans, 4-Hour Work Week, 4-Hour Chef, 4-Hour Body.

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